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Our Breeding Process

We plan our litters carefully and raise the puppies carefully. The puppies are gradually exposed to the sights and sounds of human society to insure a beginning is made towards a properly socialized dog. Puppies vary somewhat within each litter. We observe the individuals closely, trying to make certain we place the right puppy in the right home, depending on the buyerís situation and expectations. If we do not have a puppy appropriate for a particular buyer, we tell them, if possible, where they might get such a puppy.

Puppies are sold with a solid, written guarantee.

We use mostly Dutch stock in our breeding program because we believe, with exceptions, the best, most complete Bouviers are being bred there. We have imported males from the Netherlands, and bring in semen from particular Dutch studs to inseminate our bitches. There are easier ways to breed dogs, but we have been pleased with the results.

In a continued effort to breed sound Bouviers, we are proud to have imported a French male from solid working lines, Banjo de la Saulaie Maraiche. Banjo has given our program an opportunity to expand and we are pleased with the results.  In addition to Banjo, we purchased a female from the American kennel Casa de Mandingo.  Mandolin, offers similar working traits as Banjo and we are anxious to breed her.  Banjo and Mandy both are quite jolly, exhibit keen senses and are a delight to train.  

We breed to the American standard and resist the latest fad or fashion that is contrary to that standard. We do not breed overly large Bouviers with extreme angles. We breed Bouviers that are proper in size and movement.  They remain true to their heritage and are intelligent, solidly built, and athletic.

Your calls and emails are welcome. We will be happy to discuss Bouviers, our specific dogs, or dogs in general with you.


Occasional adult or young adult Bouviers available. 

Please contact us for more information.

Our Philosophy





Stud Service

We have our studs at the kennel as well as frozen semen from top European studs available.

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